Resetting our filling stations for our users

Published on 11 September 2023

Water filling station

Residents and businesses who use Council's water filling stations can be assured of fewer delays with the South Kempsey, Greenhill and Stuarts Point stations refitted for use only with the higher rate 65mm connection.

Council had switched off the 25mm option on the water filling stations at South Kempsey, Greenhill and Stuarts Point although the 65mm option remains operational.

Both the 25mm and 65mm options are still in operation at Gladstone, South West Rocks and Crescent Head filling stations.

Demand for the filling stations has increased with dry conditions leading to queues at some stations where users were attempting large bulk fills using the lower rate fitting.

Council is committed to protecting our water supply and ensuring the best service is available for our community.

If you wish to use these stations please use a 65mm Storz fitting.

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