How to help with the bushfire recovery

Published on 14 November 2023

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With bushfires, floods and other natural disasters becoming all too common, it’s important to find out more about the best way very generous Australian’s can help disaster affected communities without creating additional impact or burden.

Enter GIVIT who is contracted by the NSW Government to manage, and coordinate offers of donated goods, services, volunteering, and money including corporate offers, during the recovery of a disaster.

GIVIT works by matching people in need directly with registered GIVIT organisations in their region and delivering them the right support from donors. As a donor you can select what type of assistance you can provide, funds, time, or items and which recovery effort you would like to contribute too.

It is the smart way to give to help people and communities affected by bushfires across Kempsey and other parts of NSW and QLD.

Please do not send or take unrequested donations into impacted areas. Unrequested donations hinder recovery efforts. GIVIT captures all donation offers online so your donation does no harm and meets real needs.

Let’s help bushfire affected communities by giving exactly what they need. If you are in the position to donate, please find the link to GIVIT below.



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