What do you think of the designs for the new Grassy Head playground?

Published on 05 June 2024

Grassy Head playground design

The existing swing set at Grassy Head has reached the end of its life and Council has been exploring options to not only replace but improve this important community asset.

The existing site has some shortcomings, including exposed roots and the heavily sloped ground. For these reasons, a new site is proposed that will allow more trees to be kept in place and a larger playground footprint. 

Under the delivery plan, a new electric barbecue and table will be installed in addition to the new playground.

Accessibility is a focus for this project. We have included accessible elements in the playground and surrounding furnishings to promote inclusion in the community. New pathways will connect the playground to car parking locations and new disability-compliant tables.

The project is in Council's Delivery Program and has received $200,000 in grant funding.  

While there is no budget for manufactured shade, mature tree planting will be considered once the playground equipment is in place to address any shade issues. Council is also looking at how to provide a safer crossing to the nearby toilet block.

We have received some feedback critical of the new location and designs and Council is opening the project up for community feedback and formally seeking views on this project. 

Images of the new layout, the playground elements, the outdoor furniture and the proposed location, as well as more information on the project, can be found on Council’s Your Say Macleay website at: www.ksc.pub/grassyplayground

Please have your say on the Grassy Head Playground Upgrade by 30 June 2024 through the website or by email, post or hand to the General Manager, Kempsey Shire Council.


A summary of the major themes raised in submissions will be provided on this page and community members who make a submission will also be directly notified of the outcomes



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