We're checking the water network for leaks again

Published on 07 June 2024

Regional lead reduction program

Kempsey Shire Council is proud to have been invited to participate in the Network Leak Detection Program again this year.

The Department of Planning and Environment, Water has engaged specialist water network leak detection contractors to undertake on-the-ground surveying to identify water leaks and provide council with a reports of leak locations as well as highlighting other identified asset maintenance issues.

Phase 3 of the Regional Network Leakage Detection Project is part of the NSW Government’s $12.5 million Regional Leakage Reduction Program, which has already seen more 15,450 kilometres of water mains surveyed and more than 4000 leaks found, saving Council’s billions of litres of lost water this year alone.

The specialist leak detectors use technology such as high-powered listening devices to pinpoint leaks in pipes, meters and valves, allowing Council to act quickly to fix leaks. This partnership approach is positive for both the utilities and their communities.

There is no cost to Council for leak detection works but the cost of repairs will be borne by Council.

The program will commence in the coming weeks.

Wes Trotter, Director of Utitlities, encouraged residents to be aware of the program and its objectives.

"We are proud to be part of this important project and are committed to ensuring the best possible services for our residents. This program will help us conserve water and improve the reliability of our water supply, which will have a positive impact on our community."

Specialist leak detection contractors will be walking the streets of Kempsey Shire in the coming weeks, and their work is essential to maintaining the integrity of the water network. The purpose of the program is to promote water conservation and improve the reliability of the water supply for the community.

Kempsey Shire Council is committed to ensuring the best possible services for its residents and is excited to be part of this important project.

For more information please visit the NSW Government's Regional Leakage Reduction Program page.

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