New plan to shape arts and culture across the shire

Published on 31 May 2023


Community feedback is being sought on a new draft arts and culture plan ‘Our Creative Macleay’ that imagines a rich, inclusive, and vibrant culture across the Kempsey Shire.

"Our Creative Macleay" will be a practical and action-focused initiative that outlines the role Council will play as a facilitator, funder, and advocate for arts and culture in our community.

Kempsey Shire Council General Manager, Craig Milburn acknowledges the importance of supporting a thriving creative community and the benefits it brings.

“Celebrating, exploring, and developing our creative community not only fosters connections but also promotes cultural diversity, encourages innovation, and supports the well-being of individuals and the community as a whole,” said Mr Milburn.

Substantial investments in delivering creative events and opportunities have recently been made and the new plan will ensure more continues to happen in this space.

“Council invites everyone to participate in shaping the future of arts and culture in our Valley. Your input is crucial to ensure all the incredible creative facilities, resources, and groups in the area are adequately represented in the plan,” said Mr Milburn.

Council aims to identify and quantify the existing creative assets within the community while establishing a framework that supports the creative industries priorities identified in existing Tourism and Economic Development strategies.

The community is invited to actively participate by sharing their thoughts and experiences of arts and culture in the shire. The survey and story gathering is an opportunity to provide valuable feedback and have a say on the proposed actions outlined in the "Our Creative Macleay" plan.

Feedback received will help shape the future of arts and culture in the Macleay, ensuring that our community thrives creatively and becomes a vibrant hub for artistic expression and cultural experiences.

Feedback on the Plan can be given by completing the survey at