Council commits to sustainable procurement and utilities

Published on 21 March 2023

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The nine Councillors of Kempsey Shire considered an organisational restructure and a means of ensuring procurement activities are sustainable during Council's ordinary March meeting.

The meeting was held in Council Chambers from 9am on Tuesday 21 March. You can read the detailed agenda and reports in the business papers and a video of the meeting can be viewed on Council's YouTube page and below.

Sustainable Procureent and Contracts Policy

After reviewing its policy around procurement and contracts, Council has adopted a new Sustainable Procurement and Contracts Policy to ensure that procurement activities are conducted in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable manner while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

The policy establishes guidelines and principles for sustainable procurement practices that:

  • consider the environmental impact of products and services
  • ensure fair and ethical labour practices,
  • support local businesses, and
  • minimise waste.

A new organisation structure for Council

Council has also embraced an important recommendation regarding the organisation structure to ensure efficient and effective operations in the future.

A new structure was endorsed that will establish a third directorate called Utilities, to include Waste and Water and Sewer operations.

This proposal was made for several reasons, primarily the impending major infrastructure program in this space, with over $300 million forecast in capital expenditure across Water and Waste in the next five years.

There is a genuine need for additional executive level leadership to deliver a $300 million capital program, to ensure the right resources are in place to deliver the program of works required. Additionally, providing sustainable waste services to the community is a significant challenge that requires executive focus and appropriate resourcing, especially considering current landfill site expenditure, the need for a circular economy, and regional waste solutions.

Currently, Council operates with a two directorate structure, consisting of Corporate and Commercial, and Operations and Planning. Waste Operations is serviced by Corporate and Commercial, and Water and Sewer is serviced in Operations and Planning.

Following the endorsement of Councillors, a legislated period of internal consultation will commence ahead of recruitment with the aim of having a new Director join Council in the new financial year.

Order of Business considered in open session

9.1. Local Traffic Committee Meeting

10.1. Organisation Structure

10.2. Sustainable Procurement and Contracts Policy

10.3. Statement of Cash and Investments - February 2023

11.1. Publication of DA Submissions

More information

You can view the March agenda and business papers at Council meeting agendas & minutes.

The meeting was live-streamed via Council's YouTube page