What Jacoba wishes you knew about her disability

Published on 27 June 2022

Jacob's favourite place to visit is the saleyards, where she watches the cattle sales.

We want everyone to be heard, seen and welcomed in our community. That's why Kempsey Shire Council has developed a new Disability Inclusion Action Plan. With your help we can create a more inclusive and accessible community for people with disability, like Jacoba.

Jacoba is a vibrant young lady who grew up in the Kempsey Shire region. She enjoys spending time with her friends, riding her horse and visiting the local beaches. Jacoba is working towards her NDIS goals this year of building her social connections in a group with activities she enjoys, with the assistance of her support services.

What do you like to do and where do you like to go in the Macleay Valley? What is your favourite place to visit?

I like to visit South West Rocks, where I go for a walk on the beach. I like to get sushi and watch the waves, birds and any other animals. I like the park and to ride on the swings. My favourite place to visit is the saleyards.

Where would you like to go that you can’t go currently?

I would like to go and see more live music, especially country music, but there’s not too many shows in this area.

What do you wish people knew about your disability?

People sometimes think I talk too much and I’m being rude but I don’t mean to come across that way. I wish people understood my disability more.

Jacoba on a swing at a playground

What is something you like to do that’s accessible?

I like to go to the local pub and the cattle sales that are on each month.

How can we create a community where we can better understand each other?

Make more signs, bring more awareness of disabilities and inclusion in the community. 

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Council adopted its Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2025 at the Ordinary Meeting on 17 May after extensive engagement with staff, key groups and the community.

The plan was launched by Paralympian Ellie Cole in Kempsey at an event on the morning of Thursday 26 May where staff were joined by community members with disability and disability advocates to hear Ellie talk about her life and achievements.

You can learn more about the plan and read more stories like this one at Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Ellie Cole at at the Disability Inclusion Action Plan launch