Friends of Kempsey Pound volunteers band together again to save lives

Published on 25 January 2023


Another parvo and mange treatment day held by Friends of Kempsey Pound in West Kempsey saw over 100 local dogs trot away happier and healthier.

The event took place on Saturday 14 January in Steele Park and offered dogs a free Parvovirus vaccination and flea, tick and worming treatments.

Jack Dickey, Manager of Environmental Health at Kempsey Shire Council was also on hand giving out vouchers for free identification tags to help return wandering dogs  home.

From the two mange and parvovirus treatment events, Friends of Kempsey Pound has vaccinated over 230 dogs. This makes for 230 dogs that are no longer at risk of contracting parvovirus or passing from it should the symptoms be identified quickly.

It's important to note that owners should visit their local vet to vaccinate their dogs for other diseases like hepatitis and distemper. If your dog has received the C3 or C5 vaccination from their vet, this also includes protection against parvo.

The next parvovirus and mange treatment day will be taking place at Bellbrook. The date has yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for updates here: Friends of Kempsey Pound group on Facebook.


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