“Our community is so wonderful” – Ally, Customer Service

Published on 05 August 2022


It’s Local Government Week, an event dedicated to the important work councils do for their communities. To acknowledge our dedicated staff, we are sharing with you a bit about them and how they help you in Kempsey Shire.

This is Ally and she is part of our dedicated Customer Service team. While she enjoys the variety of tasks in her role at Council, her dream as a kid was to be a journalist or a lawyer - that is, unless her singing career took off!

There are many actions going on across Council's departments on any given day and our Customer Service team’s role includes answering questions on anything from waste services and development applications to rates enquiries and companion animal registrations.

“You'll find me either on the front counter for face-to-face customer service or on the phones in the call centre,” said Ally.

“My role is important as we are the first point of contact for all residents and we try our best to be knowledgeable in the many different services to best assist our community.”

Ally loves Kempsey Shire, especially the beauty of the bush and beach, though she has a soft spot for the Upper Macleay region.

“We have the best of the bush and the coast here, though being an upriver girl I'm more likely to be enjoying my time on the banks of the Macleay River.”

"Our community is so wonderful, and my weekends are spent with my kids, watching them play sports across the shire and enjoying what our incredible local businesses have to offer.”

Ally is one of more than 300 Council staff working hard every day to provide an enormous number of services to residents