Question of the Week: What can I take to the tip for free?

Published on 20 September 2022

Old computers in a wheelbarrow
You can drop off many household items for free at the Kempsey Waste Management Centre on Crescent Head Road. These items will be recycled or safely disposed of.


There's no charge to drop off:
  • batteries, including lead acid, dry cell single use and rechargeable batteries
  • chemicals from your household
  • e-waste, including TVs, DVDs, VCRs, CDs, hi-fis, game consoles and accessories, MP3 players, laptops, PCs and peripherals, tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, computer monitors, printers, scanners and printer cartridges
  • fluorescent lighting such as mercury-containing globes or tubes
  • gas bottles and fire extinguishers (under 25L capacity)
  • metal, including items with high metal content like whitegoods, electrical cords, car parts and wire
  • mobile phones, including chargers and headsets  
  • needles and syringes
  • oil, but please keep motor, hydraulic and transmission oils separate from cooking oils  
  • paint from your household
  • paper and cardboard
  • polystyrene, such as bean bag fill, packing material, produce boxes, fruit and vegetable packing trays
  • smoke alarms (radioactive)
  • soft plastics, like clean plastic bags and silage wrap.
Do you live at South West Rocks, Stuarts Point or Bellbrook? See Waste and recycling centres to find out what you can drop off for free at Council's three Waste Transfer Stations.


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