Strong reports and sports reviewed at February Council meeting

Published on 14 February 2023

Screen shot Council meeting feb 2023

Decided at Council in February

Amendments to the Kemp Street Sporting Complex, Council's performance in the last quarter and development activity are among the items on the agenda for Council's meeting in February.

The first ordinary meeting of the year was held in Council Chambers from 9am on Tuesday 14 February.

YFor a full outline of the meeting, the discussion points and supporting documentation, please refer to theCouncil meeting agendas & minutes.

The meeting was also live-streamed via Council's YouTube page

How are Council's projects tracking?

Councillors adopted the Quarter 2 Corporate Performance Report, consisting of: 

  • Quarterly Budget Review Statements,
  • 2022-23 Delivery Program and Operational Plan,
  • Financial Sustainability Program Status Report,
  • 2022-23 Key Performance Indicators Report, and
  • Grants Status Summary.

Councillors noted the necessity of long term financial planning to ensure the organisation addressed its difficult financial position and the work of staff in overcoming the impacts of natural disasters, a pandemic and other hurdles in the last few years.

The reporting includes an update on the status of the 164 actions outlined in the 2022-23 Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

16 projects are listed as ‘Behind Schedule’, mainly due to resource limitations, external supplier delays or weather-related issues.

Status  Environment Economy  Community  Leadership  Total 
 Completed  1  1 1 3 6
 In Progress 55 31 32 18 136
Not started 1 1     2
 Behind  9 5 2   16
 Deferred 2 1 1 4
 Total 68 38 36 22 164


Amendments to Kemp Street Sports Complex Master Plan

Councillors agreed for staff to review the Kemp Street Sports Complex Masterplan.

The Macleay Valley Rangers Football Club committee has approached Council proposing the proposed new turf wicket and multi-sport functionality designation be removed from AREA 1: Premier Field Sports in the Masterplan.

The recommendations of the review willbe brought back to a future meeting of Council for consideration. 

2024 Local Government Elections

Council resolved to engage the NSW Electoral Commissioner to administer Council’s elections, by-elections, polls, and constitutional referenda for the 2024 Local Government Elections. 

The next Local Government Election will be held on 14 September 2024. Councils are required to make resolutions regarding how these elections are to be administered at least 18 months prior to the election being held, that is by 13 March 2023.

Councillors discussed the recent frustrations with the by-election held in 2022 following the iVote failure in 2021, administered by the NSW Electoral Commission. It was noted that there are very limited options in this space.

Development activity between October and December 2022

Councillors noted and discussed the quarterly staff report on development activity and any planning approvals that include changes to the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan. 

The report includes the number of development applications determined, their approximate value and the number of dwellings approved. 

Month No. DAs determined within 40 days  No. of DAs determined  % Approximate value of approvals Approximate number of new dwellings approved


 19 35  54.3% $6.2 million 12


 23 39 58.9% $8.6 million 8
December  13 30  43.3% $13.3 million 18
Quarterly totals  55 104  52.9% $28.1 million 38
YTD totals (prev year)  107
$53.2 million
($31.7 million)


Live streaming Council meetings

Councillors discussed and ultimately chose not to adopt a proposal to upgrade the audio-visual technology used to provide video of Council meetings and include $30,000 in the 2023-2024 Operational Plan to deliver this.

It was emphasised that the current technology solution delivers a solution above that required by NSW Government regulations. 

Other outcomes

  • Councillors agreed to submit a planning proposal which seeks to enable a future two lot subdivision at Lot 1, Beranghi Road Crescent Head, to the Minister for Planning for gateway consideration pursuant to section 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
  • Council noted the transfer of ownership of the Slim Dusty Centre from the Slim Dusty Foundation to Council.
  • Councillors noted the intention for Kempsey Shire Council to join the Cities Power Partnership.
  • The commencement of the April 2023 Ordinary Meeting was delayed until 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Public Hearing to be conducted by the Grants Commission commencing at 9 am on that day in Council Chambers.
  • Council received and noted the Statement of Cash and Investments for December 2022 and January 2023.
  • It was agreed that Council review the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013 commencing in the 2023-24 financial year.

More information

You can read the detailed agenda and reports in the business papers

The meeting will be live-streamed via Council's YouTube page and on the Kempsey Shire Council website.