Rural Property Numbering Program


This program closed on 18 March 2022

Due to the overwhelming response this program closed on 18 March 2022 as funding was exhausted. Council received 1,000 applications for the program. 

Eligible rural-residential landholders in the Macleay can lodge an application. However, you will be placed on a waitlist for any new programs once additional funding becomes available. 

About the program

The Rural Property Numbering Program was implemented to help emergency services locate a property in the event of an emergency or natural disaster such as a bushfire or flood. It also helps when dealing with service providers or commercial delivery services.

Council provided standardised reflective metal numbers, post and brackets, which were erected on metal posts. 

The program was funded by the Australian Government's Drought Communities Program. 

To check your eligibility for any future programs

  1. Enter your address, street name or lot number, section number and deposited plan into the search bar of the map below.
    Note: Lot number, section number and deposited plan should be in the following format: Lot Number/{Section Number}/DP{Deposited Plan Number}

  2. Locate and click on your property to see if you are eligible for rural addressing.
    Note: If a pop-up does not open when you click on your property, try zooming in.

  3. If you are eligible, proceed to the online application form below the map. Once you have submitted the form, Council will contact you. If you appear ineligible but you think you might be eligible or if you're having difficulties with the interactive map, please contact Council on 6566 3200.

Click here to view form.