South West Rocks Structure Plan

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Council is developing the South West Rocks Structure Plan to prepare for and sustainably support predicted growth in South West Rocks.


The first step in developing the plan was asking the community to share their ideas, views and aspirations for the future of South West Rocks.

A survey for community members to provide their feedback closed on 30 March 2022. Please see the Your Say Macleay website for the latest updates.


The population of South West Rocks is forecast to grow at an average of 2.4% per annum between 2021 to 2036. To meet the demands of this growing population, the town will need an extra 1,582 dwellings by 2041.

The South West Rocks Structure Plan is being developed alongside the Local Growth Management Strategy to plan for and sustainably support the predicted growth.

We are working with the community to develop a shared vision of:

  • how to maintain and grow a sense of place and community in South West Rocks
  • what type of housing should be built and what are suitable locations
  • how to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage of the area
  • how we can support employment opportunities and grow the local economy
  • what transport and movement infrastructure is required.