Short-term Toose Road access route open to impacted residents

Published on 08 November 2022

The short-term Toose Road Access track is now passable for residents directly impacted by the Toose Road landslip.

Kempsey Shire Council has opened the Toose Road Access track, a steep and winding road that connects Fifes Creek Road to Toose Road.

The Toose Road Access Track is strictly for impacted residents and essential travellers only. This track is also restricted to four-wheel drive vehicles and can only be used in dry weather.

Using the road

Due to this track being narrow, steep and passing other vehicles not encouraged, there are several protocols that users must follow and be aware of:

  • Always remain in vehicles, except when opening gates. Gates have been placed in level and highly visible areas.
  • Obey all signage.
  • Engage 4WD when travelling this track, use low gear and approach corners with caution. Braking distances are increased and traction can be decreased when driving on a gravel road.
  • In wet weather, risks may present in the form of rock fall from fresh cut faces, slippery surfaces and damage to creek crossings. Please plan your trips with the weather in mind.
  • Council will continue to grade the final section of the route through the Half Moon property before re-grading Toose Road. Drive with caution as staff will be in the area.

UHF radio protocols

The use of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radios is compulsory and if users do not have a UHF radio, one will be made available. The following protocols must be followed:

  • Use UHF channel 14 when travelling the route.
  • Users must advise when entering the route at the gated entrance on Fifes Creek Road.
  • Users must Advise when entering the route at the top of the ridge near the telecommunications tower.
  • Vehicles travelling uphill must use radio when they reach Cut 3 and must remain in the passing bay located nearby if a downhill vehicle is travelling through Cut 3. Uphill vehicles must not enter Cut 3 until all downhill traffic has cleared.
  • Vehicles travelling downhill must remain in the passing bay near the telecommunications tower if there is an uphill vehicle travelling in Cut 3. Downhill vehicles must not enter Cut 3 until all uphill traffic has cleared.

How to access the track

The Toose Road Access Track is accessed through Fifes Creek Road. From here, users will follow the road to the end where signage is in place to direct motorists to the start of the track.

From the Toose Road end, the track is accessed through the existing Telstra Tower Trail.

A locked gate is located on the track that can be opened with an access code.

How to receive the access code

To receive the access code, please send an email to stating you understand the associated protocols and that you would like to receive the code.

Please note Council will monitor the behaviour on the track and will change the code if required.