Level 1 water restrictions across Kempsey Shire from Monday

Published on 12 October 2023

Water Restrictions 2023

Save water! That’s the cry as the impact of the continued dry weather is being felt locally with Kempsey Shire Council forced to implement Level 1 water restrictions from Monday 16 October. 

From Monday, residents are asked to save water wherever they can and adhere to the restrictions by reducing their outdoor water usage and lowering their overall water consumption until substantial rainfall replenishes river levels and water supplies. 

Council’s Director of Utilities, Wes Trotter, said the restrictions are necessary to help safeguard water resources during this extended dry spell. 

“With only minimal amounts of rainfall forecast for coming weeks, we’ve had to take immediate action to conserve water locally,” said Mr Trotter. 

“Level 1 restrictions aim to create an immediate impact on water consumption without compromising lifestyles. Water restrictions of some sort will probably be in place for at least a few months, not just until the first rain. We will have restrictions until we get enough rain in the right areas. The Kempsey water cycle is reliant upon the flow of the Macleay River which is impacted by rainfall in the upper Macleay catchment, the area that extends from Armidale to Walcha and across to Bellbrook.”  

Under Level 1 restrictions: 

  • Residents can water outside using hand-held hoses, for one hour every second day, between 4pm and 9am only.  
  • Micro-spray water systems may only be used for 15 minutes as part of the one-hour allocation.  
  • Houses with an even number can water on the even days of the month, while houses with odd numbers water on the odd days of the month.  
  • There is no watering at all on the 31st day of any month. This includes topping up home pools. 

In addition, residents are advised to use buckets and trigger hose rinsing for washing windows, walls, roofs and gutters as well as cars and boats. If possible, always wash vehicles and flush boat motor engines on grassed areas.  

While it is not possible to predict the length of time the restrictions will be in place, Council will continue to monitor water levels and keep the community up to date with any changes. 

“Council has a range of legislated enforcement measures available in this instance but we’re really appealing to the community to take responsibility and do their part to conserve our water,” said Mr Trotter. 

For more information on the restrictions visit ksc.pub/savewater

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